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Dr. Carl cowan


Let me introduce myself!  I am your local community veterinarian. I have been a veterinarian

here in the city of Detroit since 1975, now 45 years here in Detroit way of South Carolina,

"AH' PROUD SOUTHERN BOY AT HEART!"  As a southerner raised on a farm, I grew up

taking care of animals in many ways-- as a boy, there wasn't a leg I couldn't mead!  It was

only natural for me to pursue and become a veterinarian!


I soon set off to grace the grounds of the well-respected Tuskegee University as a avid

student in the science of animals.  I completed course programs and exams in a timely

manor, earning my degree as a doctor of veterinary medicine. Growing up on a farm and

experiencing "farm-life", It was simply a way of life!  It's quite ​different then city life as we

know it today. "That's when animals-- WERE ANIMALS...and, food-- WAS FOOD.

We southerners didn't take "Mother Nature" for granted!!"​ After coming to this city which I have called my home for over 45 years now.., I knew that It was something special about it, even then. "You can actually feel it's very ora in the air!" Therefore, I made the decision to stick and stay, becoming a long-time Detroit resident and a permanent part of the community. I then started my journey as a student veterinarian here in the city beginning with Hurley Veterinary Hospital in 1975. Then continued​ helping to heal animals at Eastside Veterinary Hospital.  I now operate a small private practice as a proprietor. I am located on the west side of Detroit at: 15800 West 7 Mile Road (corner of Forrer-- west of Greenfield).  Please feel welcomed to contact me at 313-837-3590 to set an appointment for your pet, or to simply get to know us!


PHONE: 313-837-35901

ADDRESS: 15800 W 7 Mile Rd Detroit, MI 48235